Joomla admin templates

Joomla is supplied with thwo standard administrator templates, BlueStork the default template and Hathor as an optional choice.

Whilst both these templates function very well there are numerous other options available across the web allowing you to customise the administration experience. We pride ourselves in the 'unseen' details of the CMS system. Therefore we normally install additional administration templates to allow our clients to maintain and update their websites more effectively.

Our current administration template of choice is Mission Control supplied by RocketTheme. It has a more pleasing visual interface, is easily customised allowing us to add a clients logo and colour scheme to the template maintaining their brand even in the administration interface. Other features of the template include a simple Cache cleaner, Subtle animation effects for a more desktop like usability and an improved Article editor. Mission Control is supplied free to download from the RocketTheme website.

There are other administrator templates available some free, others require purchase. Admin Praise provides an excellent set of administration templates including a template to allow you to edit your Joomla website on an iPad or mobile device.

For further details of each template, and to view the list published on the Joomla Extension Directory please click on the links below:


Admin Praise

Joomla Bamboo

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