Concrete 5.5 - first impressions

I've been looking forward to trying-out the new version of Concrete5 (Version 5.5) and now I've had a chance to have a quick play with it, I thought I'd share my initial impressions.

The 5.5 release is somewhat of a major overhaul with significant changes to the admin interface and scrapbook functionality. It's definitely a new experience, a bit like driving an new car - different, slightly disorientating but in a nice way! But this will obviously not be an issue for new users.

One of the more apparent differences from the previous version is the move from having the dashboard as a page on its own with sub links to get to the various config screens - to a new 'Quick Nav' menu with all the config pages available from one directly accessible drop down in the edit bar. This has the effect of streamlining your visits to the configuration areas of the system. Similarly the page edit bar has been simplified further with a drop-down to access 'edit this page', properties, versions, design etc.

Visually the adoption of the Twitter bootstrap user interface framework has done wonders for the look and feel, improving constancy and making for a more professional website editing experience.

Stacks is a new concept to concrete5, it basically replace the scrapbook functionality with a system that collects blocks (chunks of content) together into reusable items. I've not really got into the stacks thing yet but the way the old scrapbook worked with global and private versions was always a source of confusion - so I'm hoping for good things here.

I can see that there are many significant improvements and updates throughout this new version which can only help Concrete5 and its continuing rise in popularity.

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