business terms & conditions


All fees quoted are ex studio and ex VAT. Delivery and VAT will be charged as required. Prices are valid for thirty days from date of quotation. Commissions are only undertaken on the basis that fees will be paid within thirty days from invoice date. Invoices will be raised on a monthly basis after the successful completion of each stage. The client is responsible for signed final approval of artwork before production. Litchfield Morris do not accept liability for errors remaining after client sign off. Stage 3 and 4 are estimates subject to approval of final design. Authors’ amendments after Laser Artworks will be charged. Work entered into on the request of the client, additional to the stages described, will be charged at commensurate fees.

Use of visuals

We endeavour to provide clients with a helpful visual representation of the final printed product. Due to the limitations of different processes, papers and print production methods, the appearance of final print differs from the visual. Pantone swatches, the printers colour reference system, are supplied to provide accurate colour reference for both coated and non-coated stocks.


All design and artwork initiated by Litchfield Morris is protected by copyright law. This copyright is vested in Litchfield Morris and the fees allow the client's sole usage of the design for the specific purpose(s) commissioned, unless otherwise negotiated. Further use or application of the design work, either whole or in part will incur additional fees. If design work produced is selected to promote Litchfield Morris, the company reserves its right to do so in all circumstances.

Design retrieval

If clients require access to archived designs and/or artwork, Litchfield Morris will make a charge for this service. The fee consists of:

  1. Studio time to retrieve and check artwork accuracy, to format as required and disk or other materials required
  2. Design fee for use of artwork
  3. Archive storage time and resources to archive material which clients pay for when archive is accessed.